Facade Installation Completed for High Life Skyscraper Complex

Three skyscrapers being constructed by PIONEER in the Paveletsky business district have attained their distinct features from the prestigious ADM bureau. The installation of facade modules in two 31-story towers of the HIGH LIFE complex was completed in June, while the same work was finalized in a 23-story tower a month earlier. Prior to installation, the modular facades with glazed cladding, produced by Metal Yapi, were thoroughly tested and confirmed to withstand the elements, including air, water, and wind. Currently, decorative louvers are being added to the facades, with completion expected by autumn.

Rough finishing of common areas is ongoing in all buildings of the project’s first stage. The lobby design, reflecting the art deco style of the world’s early skyscrapers, has been undertaken by the Spanish firm Jaime Beriestain Studio. Entrance areas, located at ground level, will feature mail rooms, lifts, and stroller storage.

In the 31-story Heart tower (B3), apartments are being leased with designer finishing in two distinct styles, while the Feel tower (B2) will feature a white box finish. Elevators from the manufacturer METEOR are being installed in all buildings, along with internal engineering work. Ground floor spaces, designated for cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, are currently undergoing the installation of glazed windows.

Landscaping of the inner courtyard perimeter has commenced to create a 2.5-hectare park with rest areas, children’s and sports playgrounds, and walking paths by the time the first stage is completed.

The first three HIGH LIFE towers are slated for completion in 2025.


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