Modular façades at HIGH LIFE skyscraper complex extended to 15th floor

Significant progress has been made in the construction of the HIGH LIFE skyscraper complex, with modular façades now extended up to the 15th floor level. In February, construction activities at the first stage of the premium residential neighborhood, HIGH LIFE, continued to focus on the high-rise section of the project. Works at various levels included B1 at the 13-storey level, B2 at the 15-storey level, and B3 at the 11-storey level.

Internally, the finalization of engineering systems within the buildings is underway, with the completion of heating systems installation, 80% of ventilation ducts installed, water and sewerage risers at 90% completion, and fire extinguishing systems at 60% completion.

Furthermore, notable progress has been achieved in the car park area, with 80% of air ducts installed and sewerage works approaching the final stage. Additionally, finishing touches in the car park and storage rooms are currently in progress.

The project now involves a total of 575 individuals dedicated to its successful completion.


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