Up to 15% discount on selected lots in PIONEER projects

A discount of up to 15% on a selected pool of lots is available in May for buyers of apartments in PIONEER projects. The offer is valid in LIFE Varshavskaya residential complex, the PRIDE premium family residential complex and the HIGH LIFE skyscrapers. The terms apply also to cityscape apartments.

LIFE Varshavskaya is a large-scale business-class project that meets today’s buyers’ needs and includes infrastructure and landscaping on site. PRIDE Premium Residential Development is a complex designed for comfortable family living in the centre of the city. HIGH LIFE skyscrapers are the striking dominants of the Paveletsky Peninsula, with panoramic bay windows offering unique views.

A discount of up to 15% combined with a 100% down payment and current classic mortgage programmes. Make your choice and book an apartment at a bargain price in May: PIONEER managers will provide all the details at +7 495 126-07-25.


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