PIONEER projects at the Selfie Farmers' Gala Dinner

Continuing its collaboration with the White Rabbit Family, PIONEER partnered in a gala dinner at Selfie, which was dedicated to Russian farming culture.

The restaurant holding company introduced the chain’s frequent guests to the farmers who supply produce for the brand’s chefs’ dishes. The chefs of White Rabbit Family restaurants prepared a special vegetable set for the gala dinner, which dishes highlighted the flavours of farm products supplied to Selfie and other restaurants on a regular basis.

PIONEER’s designs were an elegant addition to the evening. Images of the HIGH LIFE skyscrapers, PRIDE and the OPUS club residence made up the atmosphere of the dinner, along with specially created compositions telling more about Russia’s farming culture. The dinner guests, including socialites, representatives of the art, business and media scenes, also had the opportunity to try inspiring signature cocktails based on PIONEER’s projects, which are available on the menu of WRF restaurants throughout the summer season.

This is the fourth collaboration between White Rabbit Family and the property developer: earlier PIONEER supported the opening of the restaurant SHE, the summer veranda of Gvidon on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street and the birthday of Selfie. Throughout the summer, special sets and cocktails designed by PIONEER are available on the menus of WRF restaurants, and in the restaurant Ikra Plyos, embroidery by artist Sasha Braulov depicting the OPUS club residence has become part of the interior.


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