PIONEER, a WHITE RABBIT strategic partner

PIONEER acted as a White Rabbit Family events partner. Property developer PIONEER implemented collaborations with the Russian restaurant alliance White Rabbit Family, the owner, inspirer and generator of key gastronomic concepts in Moscow, Sochi and Dubai.

In April, PIONEER partnered with two White Rabbit Family social evenings at once: the opening of SHE, a restaurant on White Square, and the ninth birthday of Selfie, a restaurant at Novinsky Drive. The guests of the events — celebrities from the fashion, art, beauty, media and business worlds — were presented with a premium range of PIONEER projects. The residential estate PRIDE, club residence OPUS and HIGH LIFE skyscrapers became the objects of impression for participants of high-society events, and guests were able to explore each of them in detail.

Together with White Rabbit Family, PIONEER created an atmosphere that will characterise the property developer’s premium projects. They are located within walking distance of the alliance’s key restaurants, and their future residents share the values that White Rabbit Family creates. Places and neighbourhoods where it is easy to live life to the full, refined taste in architecture and only stylish surroundings are features that distinguish PIONEER’s residential projects in the diversity of its offerings.

“In implementing the idea of collaborating with the restaurant alliance, we first and foremost sought like-minded partners. The White Rabbit Family and its restaurants have already become synonymous with good taste in gastronomy and have also won international recognition. The new premium PIONEER projects share the philosophy of the brand: by creating houses, we first and foremost create new values for the city and its people and shape their way of thinking and impressions of Moscow. We are sure that in the future, we will repeat the experience of cooperation, and for the residents of PIONEER projects, these restaurants will become some of the favourite places on the city map,” the company noted.


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