THE MOSCOW PERSPECTIVE: How a Property Developer Can Change a City for the Better

The job of a large property developer is not only to build square metres for sale. Social and transport infrastructure is also of great importance. Its creation is often referred to as an additional burden, but system players do not share this approach: on the contrary, it is new transport links and infrastructure facilities that make it possible to create a comfortable, balanced environment for life and labour.

PIONEER is one of the most active builders of new social facilities in the capital, also paying great attention to social projects and working according to the principles of transport-oriented development. Using our company’s activities as an example, The Moscow Perspective outlines the approach used in PIONEER’s efforts for urban development.

Development and education

Children’s educational environments are an important component of family residential neighbourhoods, regardless of the class of housing being built. New schools and kindergartens become points of attraction not only for the residents of new buildings, but also for the entire neighbourhood, and their creation in an existing development requires meticulous attention at the concept stage — the architecture, design and composition of such projects are subject to high requirements. This year, PIONEER delivered two new educational facilities in LIFE Varshavskaya — a 160-bed kindergarten and a school for 900 pupils. The school and kindergarten in the neighbourhood are distinguished by high-quality architecture by the Atelier PRO bureau. The educational institutions are equipped with modern security systems, have a barrier-free environment on the whole territory and are designed for children’s education and entertainment.

Unique technologies have been implemented in the school — for example, a robotics class, an IT polygon, a research laboratory, and a convertible auditorium that allows for flexible seating arrangements. The school’s own stadium has already become a place not only for children’s training and matches, but also for hosting children’s sports festivals in the neighbourhood. In the new LIFE Varshavskaya stages, PIONEER also plans to build a single educational centre, including a school and a kindergarten.

PIONEER’s premium line of residential projects pays a lot of attention to facilities for families with children. For example, the PRIDE residential development in Maryina Roshcha will have its own educational centre with a school for 257 children and a 112-bed kindergarten. The HIGH LIFE skyscrapers and OPUS club residence also have their own kindergartens: they are designed for a small number of children, but they are necessary and meet the needs of premium project buyers.

Creating a comfortable urban environment

The creation of new places of employment is another important city programme that is being implemented by the property developer. In 2020, PIONEER signed an agreement with the city on the creation of places of employment and is actively building two projects under this agreement: OSTANKINO BUSINESS PARK, where about 8,000 jobs will be created under the programme, and multifunctional complex BOTANICA. The modern projects will include all the necessary infrastructure, which will be appreciated by both employees and residents of the neighbouring districts. In OSTANKINO BUSINESS PARK, four buildings out of six have already been built, while MFC BOTANICA is scheduled to be commissioned in the first half of 2024.

“In every residential and business project, our company strives to follow the principles of transport-oriented development — this is part of the PIONEER brand philosophy,” notes Alexey Miroshnikov, PIONEER CEO. — No property can be made popular and efficient without high-quality transport links. We carefully think through the transport infrastructure at the masterplan and design stage. When creating MFC BOTANICA, the company envisaged a pedestrian connection with the Botanicheskiy Sad transport terminal so that employees and visitors could immediately get to the ground floor of the shopping centre within the project. The nearby Moscow High-Speed Diameter improves transport accessibility for motorists. In MFC TECHNOPARK PLAZA in the south of Moscow, a covered ground passage from the metro station has been realised for the convenience of the apartment hotel’s residents, office staff and visitors of the shopping centre”.

The importance of public spaces

Last but not least, public spaces play an equally important role on a city-wide scale. In the new residential neighbourhoods by PIONEER, landscaping is carried out by designer teams from renowned Russian and international bureaus, and pedestrian boulevards become part of the concepts. Within LIFE Varshavskaya, the boulevard has already linked the buildings and infrastructure for adults and children, and during the construction of the fourth stage it will be extended and become one of the largest walking areas in the neighbourhood. In PRIDE, the new pedestrian boulevard will include art objects and minor architectural elements. This is how the company forms points of attraction and contributes to the development of neighbourhoods: public spaces for all are combined with private and safe courtyards to which only residents have access. Thanks to its diverse social infrastructure, comfortable environment for work, leisure activities and competent transport links, Moscow has been rightfully considered one of the most livable megacities in the world for many years.

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