HIGH LIFE's Feel Tower monolith reaches 14th floor

In January, the HIGH LIFE construction site on Letnikovskaya Street continued to work actively on the monolithic frame of the buildings. In the Feel Tower, Building 2 of the residential block, the monolith reached the 14th-floor level – more than half of the height of the 24-storey tower has already been achieved. Work is progressing to the 12th floor in the 32-storey Heart Tower in Building 3 and to the 11th floor in the Soul Tower in Building 1.

Workers are completing the partition walls made of aerated concrete blocks. A model of the building’s façade is being conducted on site: future residents will be able to see what a unique solution for the apartments’ bay windows will look like.

Work is also continuing on the site: 50% of the heating network for the outdoor drainage system is completed.


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