PIONEER secures building permits for more than 200,000 m² of real estate in 9 months of 2023

PIONEER received construction permits for 212.1 thousand m² of real estate in the first 9 months of 2023, which is 2.4 times more than in the same period last year — 88.2 thousand m². Trough January-September of the current year, the property developer commissioned 94.8 thousand m² of residential and commercial spaces. As of the end of September, the total volume of objects under construction is more than 736 thousand m², of which 46% falls on the premium segment.

The second stage of the premium skyscraper complex HIGH LIFE near the Garden Ring with a total area of 108.3 thousand m², which includes 66 thousand m² of flats with and without designer finishing, has received a construction permit.

The new stage of the business class project LIFE Varshavskaya by ADM design bureau with a total area of 81.2 thousand m², of which 47.6 thousand m² are apartments, is under active construction.

The company continues active development in the commercial property segment: the construction permit was issued for the last building of OSTANKINO BUSINESS PARK, where 17.5 thousand m² of 22.6 thousand m² of office premises are planned.

As for commissioning: two towers with a total area of 33.6 thousand m² were commissioned in LIFE Varshavskaya. The construction of a school for 900 pupils with an area of 17.2 thousand m², which was handed over by the developer to the city and opened its doors on 1 September, has been completed. A quarter earlier, a 160-bed kindergarten was opened, which was also handed over to the Moscow Department of Education.

In the commercial property segment, the property developer commissioned buildings 4 and 5 in OSTANKINO BUSINESS PARK with a total area of 44.8 thousand m². The area of office premises in them occupies 36 thousand m². It is worth noting that the handover of keys has already started in Building 4, while Building 5 was sold for the headquarters of a large IT-company


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