Instalment Mortgages in PIONEER projects

PIONEER and Sberbank have launched a new product, Instalment Mortgages. Special terms for the first years of the loan will enable clients to minimise their payments during the construction period, fix the terms of their new home purchase and reduce their loan burden.

The offer is available to buyers of apartments in the LIFE Varshavskaya, HIGH LIFE, OPUS and PRIDE projects and includes flexible loan limits and interest rates.

The first tranche of the loan equals the down payment and starts from 15% for buyers of LIFE Varshavskaya and 30% for buyers of OPUS, PRIDE and HIGH LIFE. The second instalment is paid only after one year, and the last instalment after the completion of the property.

The opportunity applies to all classic loan programmes, including mortgages with government support (8%) and family mortgages (6%). Loans can be taken out for up to 30 years, and the credit limit corresponds to the programme limits. For those who need exceptional facilities, the limit can be increased up to 100 million roubles with a rate starting at 11.9%.

A flexible alternative to an instalment plan and a budget planning tool for significant expenses! Enjoy an instalment mortgage and find out more about the available offers in PIONEER projects by calling +7 495 641-35-35.


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