ELLE DECORATION: Three key property development projects 2023

Under a new light: three key property development projects of 2023
Three key projects will shape the face and urban landscape of the capital

Property development company PIONEER presented its own line of premium and luxury housing, which includes three landmark projects – the HIGH LIFE Letnikovskaya 11 skyscraper complex, the OPUS club-style residence, and the PRIDE family residential complex. What unites them all is that they not only fulfil their primary function as residential objects but also partly form the city’s image by blending in with the landscape.


The first flagship project, HIGH LIFE Letnikovskaya 11 near the Garden Ring, is a complex of six skyscrapers of different floors: the tallest tower has 47 floors. The ADM bureau designed the project. The façades on each building in the project have an unusual geometry: the effect of the dynamics is achieved through panoramic windows with bay windows which increase the space of the flats. Such solutions have allowed the complex to change the accents of the urban landscape and become a new landmark in the area.
The windows offer fascinating views of the city centre and the embankments of the Moskva River. The apartments have two options for finishing (in Art or Fusion style) and in white box format (pre-finishing, which can be refinished to your liking).

One of the advantages of HIGH LIFE Letnikovskaya 11 is its own club infrastructure: there will be beauty areas, a gym, a spa, a private cinema, a lounge area with a fireplace, a co-working space and a multifunctional event space. The spacious entrances with high ceilings (5.5m) are designed by the Spanish architectural firm Jaime Beriestain, known for its work on the best 5-star hotels and restaurants. Natural materials, a play on contrasts of warm and cold shades, a combination of different textures, accent lighting and living plants are used in the decoration.
The private landscaped area will cover more than 2 hectares and include areas for recreation, sports and children’s activities.


The second project, the OPUS club-style residence on the Derbenevskaya embankment, was designed by the architectural bureau Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners. The building’s silhouette follows the curves of the Moskva River, and most of the apartments have panoramic views of the water. Due to its low number of storeys, the building blends in with the development of the centre of Moscow, but due to non-standard architectural solutions, it is not lost in it but becomes a vivid accent. Panoramic windows and the river’s smooth surface come into play with reflections, creating an unusual visual effect. The authors of the project here again play on contrasts, emphasising the gloss of the glazing with matt concrete elements. The stepped architecture of the terraced facades sets the visual rhythm. Another notable feature of this club-style residence is that even the single-room variants have terraces.
The lobby was designed by Natalia Belonogova, known for her interior projects for many restaurants in Moscow, including Maya, Severyane, Gvidon, and Zhirok. Natalia turned the lobby space into a real art object: minimalism and a restrained colour scheme are complemented by a play of textures, natural forms, noble materials and unconventional decor.

The project is located in the capital’s historic centre, overlooking the Krutitskoe Metochion and Simonovsky rampart. The area combines the vibrancy and atmosphere of a major European city with tranquil landscapes. OPUS is harmoniously integrated into the surroundings, and the developed external infrastructure is filled with restored industrial buildings turned into fashionable clusters, cultural institutions, entertainment centres and high gastronomy establishments.
The project’s uniqueness lies in the planning solutions: almost every lot has a view of the water.


The third project is the PRIDE family residential complex by APEX, which will be located on Polkovaya Street in the Maryina Roscha district. The complex will consist of buildings of different heights from 7 to 22 floors. One of its main advantages will be green inner courtyards with plenty of natural light and well-developed infrastructure – the complex will include a kindergarten, a public school, a pedestrian boulevard, shops and service facilities. The centre of the block will be the lowest-rise blocks, so the courtyards will almost always be flooded with sunlight. The inner space is divided into themed zones: sports and play areas are adjacent to secluded spots for work and leisurely socialising.

The strict rhythmic façade and the combination of glass and architectural stone in the finishes characterise the buildings with their unusual silhouettes. An unusual geometry complements the relief of one of the buildings: it accentuates the flat terraces with a spectacular curve and a decorative façade around the perimeter of the storey.
The design of the entrances was developed by Sundukovy Sisters (S+S), whose portfolio includes interiors of the largest hotels and premium restaurants worldwide: from the USA to Nairobi and from Romania to Kenya. For Muscovites, the bureau is known for designing the restaurants Remy Kitchen Bakery, Cherovarnya, Voronezh, Londri, and the Zaryadye Gastronomic Centre.

The real estate development business has created value for decades. At PIONEER, they believe that improving cities and creating a comfortable environment is only possible by investing as much as possible in the project at every stage of its implementation.


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