BFM.RU: Around Paveletskaya. For connoisseurs of comfort and aesthetics

In the follow-up to the joint project between PIONEER and BFM.RU, we discuss the architecture and landscaping of projects located near Paveletskaya metro station.

“Price correlating with value” — this fully applies to two PIONEER projects, which are developing the area between the Garden Ring and the Moskva River embankment in the Paveletskaya business cluster. The external appearance of the six gleaming towers of the premium estate HIGH LIFE on Letnikovskaya Street is a reflection of advanced architectural trends, while their internal content is a reflection of the best practices in creating residential and public spaces that combine comfort and aesthetics. And since the possibility of a free but well thought-out choice is one of the important components of the buyer’s pragmatism, the creators of HIGH LIFE have tried to make this choice as wide as possible.

The zoning of the picturesque green courtyard with the area of 2 hectares (and such a scale is not often found even among premium new buildings) was carried out taking into account the interests of all future residents of HIGH LIFE, among whom there are families consisting of several generations, couples who are just thinking about children or, on the contrary, have already raised them, and principled individualists, in other words, the whole diverse premium Moscow. So the amenities are also designed to be as versatile as possible. A private cinema and a dining hall, a lounge zone with a fireplace and a cosy co-working space, a fitness centre and a spa zone, offices that give an opportunity to invite your own nail technician, stylist, beautician or trainer — every resident of the premium neighbourhood will be able to feel that they are their own at this celebration of life overlooking the Zamoskvorechye district.

Another PIONEER project in this location is the OPUS club residence on Derbenevskaya Street. A house-metaphor, a house-melody of luxury Moscow, a house-dialogue with the embankment of the Moskva River: this is how its unusual white-matt architectural volume was conceived — rhythmic and at the same time gently flowing, repeating the curves of the river bed. It is as if the water element has become part of the project’s DNA and is embodied in every detail of the internal landscaping: the trajectory of illuminated paths, the texture of the paving, the outlines of lawns, reminiscent of coastal hills or river rolls — everything reads water, a symbol of life itself.

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